Target Audience 

Our technical resources cater to the diverse community of smallholding farmers in Subsaharan Africa. Out objective is to create clear instructions that direct best practices for regenerative agriculture projects described on our farm.  We strive to provide comprehensive list of materials that any farmer should be able to aquire locally, or at least in the larger metropolitan areas (i.e. Yaounde, Douala, etc.).

We aspire to empower individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. Whether you are a seasoned farmer seeking advanced agricultural practices or a novice looking to enhance your skills.

UsingTechnical Guides

English (coming soon) French
  • Sheep Paddock Management
  • Rabbit Sexing, Weaning, & Marking
  • Rabbit Feeding Management
  • Rabbit Pregnancy & Birthing
  • Rabbit Reproductive Cycle
  • Rabbit Crossbreeding
  • Vermiculture System Construction
  • Vermicompost Tea
  • Cow Fertilization Tea
  • Making Fish Hydrolysate
  • Biochar Production
  • Fabrication of Compost Bioreactor
  • Production of EM1 Inoculant
  • Using a Soil Microbiometer
  • Chicken Feed
  • Chicken Coop Management
  • Black Mulberry Grafting
  • Dragon Fruit Propagation
  • Dragon Fruit Flower Induction
  • Orange Cuttings
  • Passionfruit Propagation
  • Passionfruit Care


our Favorite Books

We extend our gratitude to the pioneers of siol health, and regenerative agriculture. Some of our favorite books are as follows: